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IoT Platform

Your smart solution to optimize business cost and achieve efficiency in connected ecosystems. 

Collect Insightful Data

The IoT (Internet of things) technology opens a new way to reliably gather data with production-ready databases such as Cassandra, MongoDB, InfluxDB, etc. You can configure how you want your data to be analyzed and processed according to your needs. The features and functions are pre-integrated and customizable at any time.  

Scalable and simple to use

The platform is flexible to integrate various hardware, ranging from sensors, cameras, machines, industrial PLCs, etc while it requires low-code development on the user end. In other words, the cost for the upkeep and maintenance is significantly reduced.

Customizable to your business needs

We aim to make our product as user-friendly as possible allowing users to customize the configuration functions in user dashboard to accommodate clients' business needs. Users are in control of multiple actions, including managing device behaviors, data processing parameters, data analytics, etc. For example, you can configure a HVAC with the desired temperature, set reporting period for a smart meter, etc. In addition, you are able to optimize your operational cost by automating your workflows, which allows you to save more on labour cost, time, etc. , bring up the efficiency of your business operation. 

Industry Use

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