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The Path to Creating Possibilities

Your business is unique.  


At Thinkfore, we strive to think it a way forward to unleash your greater possibilities to perform, leading to transformation of your brand visibility, reliability, customer experience, as well as profitability. Our team specializes in designing and implementing customized software and platforms just for you and your business.

Don’t ever let technology change your process and that is important enough!

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IoT Platform

Designed for commercial and industry use to collect data in near real-time for advanced tracking and analytics on a secure cloud platform,  Your greatest asset is your data.

Mixed Reality Data Platform

Animate your data into reality. Augmented reality presentation brings your data closer to reality. With asset digital twins, analysis and work management can be performed without being on site.

Data analytics made possible for physical retail and industrial players alike to collect data the way their online counterparts are doing, if not better.  The technology provides a similar experiential exposure to what happens at the physical location without one's presence to make better, informed business decisions. 

Data intelligence to increase revenue

Measure the right things and strategize your business plans effectively, which will unleash your greater potentials to increase revenue streams. 

Cost Optimization

Discover patterns and optimization paths using statistics and Artificial Intelligence. With reduced data collection cost, you can acquire insights for better optimization.

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